Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Game Check Station located?

The Game Check Station has a new location. The station is now located at a gazebo across from the new Fish and Wildlife Office in Anderson Camp closer to the front gate. Hunters will only need to come to the Game Check Station when checking in a deer, bear, turkey, or coyote.


I drive or ride in multiple vehicles. How do I add vehicles to my profile?

Log in to iSportsman, click on 'My Account' tab on the blue bar on the top right side of page. Click Account Details. Click Manage Account scroll down to Vehicles. Click Add New.


Am I required to have a smartphone to hunt Fort A.P. Hill now?

Absolutely not. You can check out to an area for hunting and back in when finished at the new kiosk located at the VCC.


How do I electronically sign the background check and weapons registration form?

Those directions are here. This can only be done from computer with a mouse. Remember you still have the option to stop by the VCC during normal business hours and complete this process in person. The electronic forms speeds up the vetting process.


Do anglers have to use iSportsman now to fish on FAPH?

Yes. After September 2, 2014 all anglers will be required to register in the iSportsman system and use the system to check out to fish to each pond and to check back in to the system when finished fishing. The system will also record all fish caught and those kept to allow biologist to better manage the FAPH waters.

I filled out the background check-weapons registration form and emailed it to the VCC. Now what?

The VCC will complete your background check but you still must go by the VCC office to pick up your weapons registration certificate and show the Officer a picture ID to verify the information and at that time the VCC will activate your FAPH iSportsman account.


Terminology of Check In and Check Out.

In the FAPH iSportsman system you Check IN to an area; and then Check OUT from the area when done.


If you have a question email or call 804-633-8984.