How iSportsman works

  1. All people wishing to hunt, be a hunt observer, fish, trap, cut firewood, or scout, will be required to create a user profile, obtain appropriate permits and check in and out of areas using the iSportsman system.
  2. The iSportsman website contains all the information you need to enjoy the outdoor opportunities at Fort Walker.
  3. Regulations, Maps, Permit Sales, Open and Closed Areas, Reservations for Tomorrow's Hunting, Checking In and Out of Areas, Harvest Totals, and Pictures are just some of the features that are offered in this iSportsman website.
  4. All permit sales will be purchased by credit card/debit card through the iSportsman website.
  5. Checking into and out of areas can be done by calling into iSportsman by phone.
  6. When a permit is purchased, the user will also print off their Fort Walker iSportsman parking pass to be displayed in the window of your parked vehicle. You will not receive a daily parking pass.  Game wardens, police, range control, and wildlife biologist staff will be able to tell what area everyone is checked in to real time thus removing the need for parking area identification cards.
  7. There is no longer an iSportsman kiosk you must use a home computer or Smartphone to create an account.
  8. On the Fort Walker iSportsman website there is a file that can be downloaded and filled out and emailed to the VCC to begin the annual background check process.
  9. You may still go by the VCC during normal business hours, 0700-1600 weekdays, to complete the background check but you will have to create a user profile before beginning the background check.  It is strongly recommended that you email the background information form to the VCC ahead of your planned arrival date.  Expect a two day wait before the background check is completed, so please plan accordingly.  Be advised that due to increased military training related processing by the VCC on Fridays, showing up at the VCC on Fridays past 1200 may result in the VCC being unable to complete your “in person” request for a background check prior to the closing time of 1600.  There will be no evening that the VCC will be open to process access requests.   
  10. Once the VCC has approved the background investigation they will then activate your user profile on iSportsman.
  11. Once your profile has been activated you are free to use this site using a home computer, tablet or Smartphone to purchase the appropriate permits (ex. Fort Walker Hunting Permit).
  12. If an iSportsman user fails to check out of their assigned area by the published return time as stated in the regulation, the iSportsman system will automatically place that user on administrative hold.  The user will be unable to access the iSportsman system until the matter is resolved.
  13. There will no longer be a need to pick up or drop off cards at the Outdoor Recreation Building.  Users are to check in to their areas by phone, smart phone, tablet or laptop and proceed directly to that area.  Then users are to check out of the system when done and depart Fort Walker.




  1. Fish and Wildlife Office – located at the intersection of Rendezvous Drive and Walker Drive (Bldg 1406)
  2. Game Checking Station – Gazebo
  3. Fort Walker iSportsman Website -