1. All woodcutters will need to register for an iSportsman account via https://faph.isportsman.net to obtain permits for woodcutting.

  2. If you are having difficulty and require support, you can reference the iSportsman Startup Guide on the iSportsman home page or contact the Forestry Branch at (804) 633-8409.

  3. To register a new account, follow the link above and click 'Register'.

  4. Fill out the form on the iSportsman homepage with the appropriate information and click 'Register Account'.

  5. Fill out the Additional Registration Information.


      1. Ensure that the primary woodcutter's vehicle on this page is the vehicle that will be used to haul wood.

  6. Once you save the Additional Registration Information, you will be prompted to agree to the hold harmless agreement. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are up to date on all applicable Fort A.P. Hill regulations.These are available on the iSportsman website. If you are assisting someone with setting up the account, ensure that they read and understand before clicking 'Agree'.

  7. Next, the account must be approved through the Visitor Control Center (VCC).This is most easily accomplished by completing APH Form 21 (Access Request) available on the iSportsman home page. The completed form may be submitted via e-mail at usarmy.aphill.imcom-atlantic.mbx.installation-access@mail.mil. The woodcutter will be notified by the VCC upon approval.

  8. It is at this point that the VCC will perform the background check unless the user already has unescorted access.

  9. Unlike other iSportsman permits, the Firewood Permit cannot be purchased through iSportsman. Woodcutters will need to come in to the Forestry Branch Office, during normal business hours, to purchase the permit. It is strongly recommended that woodcutters call, before coming to the Forestry Branch Office, to ensure that someone will be available to help you. The office number is (804) 633-8409.