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Archery Hunting


Training Area 22B 

TA22B is a newly designated bow only area this year. The recreation map has not been updated to reflect this change, but the update can be found in this year’s
regulations on Page 20, Sub-Section b. "Archery Hunting Only Areas".


Achery Only Regulations

  1. TA01, TA22B, TA24, and TA31 are archery only.
  2. No antlerless deer may be taken once firearms season begins. 
  3. Archery hunters may hunt in other areas that are not listed above during firearms seasons, but must follow firearm season limits and regulations.
  4. Blaze orange or blaze pink is required in the archery only areas during any firearm deer season.
  5. Archery tackle (except for airbows) and crossbows are weapons authorized for hunting on Fort A.P. Hill.